Watchdogs Call Out Former Olympic Star


Mary Lou Retton, the beloved American gymnast who captured the hearts of the nation during the 1984 Olympic Games, has found herself on the wrong side of the libs after her battle with a rare form of pneumonia. The once universally adored Retton is now on the enemy list of the left, who have no problem with hundreds of thousands of uninsured illegals pouring over the Mexican border, but are outraged that Retton was uninsured herself.

Liberal USA Today columnist Christine Brennan has led the charge against the former Olympic gold medalist, who turned 56 on Tuesday. In a column titled, “Months after hospitalization, Mary Lou Retton won’t answer basic questions about health care, donations,” Brennan has demanded an accounting of the $459,324 that was raised for Retton’s medical bills.

But when Retton’s daughters, who started the GoFundMe page, declined to give Brennan specific details about the remaining funds, the Super Lib columnist went on the attack. “She offered no timetable or further information,” Brennan wrote, clearly outraged that her demands were not met.

This is just another example of the Left’s hypocrisy. As Brennan openly admits in her column, Retton’s family has chosen to donate any remaining funds to a charity of her choice. But that is not good enough for the Super Libs. They want to know every last detail of Retton’s finances, even though they have no problem with government officials, Hollywood elite, and other wealthy individuals hiding their financial information.

But what is even more infuriating is the personal attacks against Retton and her family in the comments on her Instagram account. Super Libs, who have likely never donated a dime to anyone in need, are now trashing Retton for not having insurance, accusing her of being anti-vaccine, and even claiming she is living in a mansion. It seems as though the Left will stop at nothing to destroy those who do not conform to their beliefs.

We must also remember that Christine Brennan is a left-wing activist who has no qualms about using her platform to push her political agenda. She has openly supported liberal causes and attacked anything that goes against her beliefs, even going as far as to call the decision to play college football during the pandemic “the Big Ten’s darkest days.”

Enough is enough. It’s time for the Super Libs to leave Mary Lou Retton alone. She is a national treasure who has brought joy to millions of Americans, and she deserves our support and respect, not baseless attacks. It’s time for the left to take a long, hard look in the mirror and realize their hypocrisy before they continue to tear down an American hero.