Biden Visits Wisconsin Brewery


Joe Biden’s visit to Duluth, Minnesota, and Superior, Wisconsin on Thursday left many scratching their heads and questioning his mental fitness. The shaky and garbled speech from the self-proclaimed “Big Guy” only confirmed what many have suspected since the Hunter Biden laptop scandal broke. The nickname was the reference often made to Joe Biden in the Hunter Biden laptop messages. Perhaps it’s not the best thing to confirm which was fully embraced by the Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, who introduced Biden as such. Talk about a PR nightmare.

To make matters worse, Biden chose to visit a beer factory in Superior, Wisconsin. Nothing screams presidential like a booze-filled brewery tour, right? No doubt Biden was hoping to make a good impression with Wisconsin voters, a swing state in recent elections. But instead, he stumbled over his words, struggling to articulate his thoughts and arguments for the bipartisan infrastructure law. Maybe he should have sampled a few brews before speaking to loosen up his tongue.

But even a seasoned “Biden whisperer” like myself couldn’t make sense of his garbled speech. Even when I try to decipher his words, there seems to be no underlying cohesive message. And yet, people laughed and acted like everything was just fine. How can we trust someone who can’t even form a coherent sentence?

And let’s not forget about the bizarre moment when Biden stopped to “listen” to a barrel of beer before driving away. Has he lost his mind? His mental state is deteriorating before our very eyes. And to top it off, he’s now shouting and screaming more during his speeches. That’s never a good sign.

But what’s truly concerning is the fact that Biden, while on a trip to boost his bipartisan infrastructure law, seemed to have no idea what the law even entails. He struggled to pronounce it and then veered off into nonsensical statements about beer and “Earth Rider.” Is anyone actually listening to this man and thinking he’s fit to lead our country?

In the end, Biden’s visit to Duluth and Superior only further highlighted his incompetence and mental decline. It’s time for the media and the Democrats to open their eyes and see the reality of the situation. We cannot have a president who can barely string together a sentence, let alone lead our country. It’s time for Biden to step down and let someone more capable take the reins.

Red State