NC Governor Issues Statement Before Jill Visit


Today, let’s dive into the fascinating and somewhat chaotic political landscape within the Democratic Party following President Joe Biden’s less-than-stellar debate performance. Reports have emerged from a hurriedly organized meeting between Biden and several Democratic governors, and the details are nothing short of intriguing.

At this meeting, Biden attempted to lighten the mood with a “joke” about his health, claiming his body was fine, but his brain wasn’t. This offhand comment reportedly made the governors present feel quite uncomfortable. Additionally, Biden expressed the need for a better work-life balance, mentioning the need for more sleep, shorter work hours, and avoiding events after 8 PM. For an 81-year-old leader of the free world, these comments have understandably caused concern.

These unsettling remarks have led to some governors signaling their apprehension about Biden’s capacity to lead. Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey, for example, reaffirmed her support for Biden but also urged him to “carefully evaluate” his future as the party’s nominee. Similarly, Hawaii Governor Josh Green suggested that Biden might consider stepping down if he felt the race was unwinnable or if his inner circle advised him against running.

However, Jill Biden seems to be stepping up while Joe is nowhere to be seen. It begs the question, ‘Who is running here?’

Another notable instance comes from North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. Cooper’s office announced he would not attend a campaign event with First Lady Jill Biden in Wilmington, citing a scheduling conflict. This decision follows Cooper’s attendance at Biden’s campaign event in North Carolina just weeks earlier, despite a series of embarrassing revelations about pre-scripted radio interview questions for the President.

Adding to the drama, more and more House Democrats are joining the chorus, urging Biden to step down. Sure, Cooper might have had a legitimate reason for his no-show, but let’s be real—it’s only stoking the fire of speculation that many are not into supporting Biden’s faltering campaign.

For Biden, the trouble began with a disastrous debate performance that seemed to confirm many of his critics’ worst fears. This has led to widening cracks among Democratic governors, who are now more openly questioning his viability as a candidate.

It’s no surprise that the Democratic Party is experiencing some turbulence. The internal dissent and public signals of doubt from key governors only fuel the precarious position Biden finds himself in. The party’s unity appears to be fraying as leaders weigh their options moving forward.