Biden Gives Remarks At NATO Summit


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s break down President Joe Biden’s latest appearance at the 2024 NATO Summit in Washington D.C., where the White House once again gambled with a late-day speech.

Biden took the stage around 5:30 PM, following opening remarks from outgoing NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Although it wasn’t his worst speech, Biden’s age was undeniably apparent as he delivered a somewhat slurred address to our European allies.

One of the key points Biden tried to highlight was NATO’s strengthened unity, claiming credit for initiatives that actually date back to Trump’s efforts to push member states to meet the two percent defense spending benchmark. This attempt at rewriting history didn’t go unnoticed.

Ukraine was front and center on the agenda. Biden reaffirmed America’s unwavering commitment to the conflict despite the ongoing quagmire it represents. His decision to pull out of Afghanistan—arguably to prioritize American interests—has now led us into a complex proxy war with a nuclear-armed nation. This has proven to be a contentious and potentially perilous endeavor.

The speech itself was mercifully brief, considering Biden’s need to retire early. He reiterated support for Ukraine and the importance of stopping Putin and attempted to frame himself as the lynchpin of NATO’s success. This, however, was a stretch, given Biden’s long history of questionable foreign policy decisions.

Adding to the awkwardness was a story Biden shared about asking Stoltenberg to extend his term as Secretary General, only to realize he was speaking to Stoltenberg’s wife. Moments like this, coupled with his labored delivery, made it clear that Biden struggles with late-evening engagements. If the goal was to project strength and mental acuity, the speech fell short.

Our European allies are reportedly losing confidence in Biden’s ability to lead. Can you blame them? The performance did little to reassure them, or anyone, about Biden’s capacity to handle such crucial responsibilities.

Following Biden’s speech, Stoltenberg was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This was perhaps the high point of the evening, providing a dignified close to an otherwise lackluster performance.