MSNBC Does Interview In Barbershop


Biden continues to lose American votes as heard from a group of black men in Charleston, South Carolina. In an interview with MSNBC reporter Trymaine Lee, the men expressed their disappointment with the Biden administration and even hinted at the possibility of voting for former President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election.

One man boldly stated, “Things are so bad under Biden, we might just have to go back to Trump.” It’s a sentiment that is gaining traction among many Americans, regardless of race, as they struggle with inflation, rising gas prices, and a plunging economy.

The men also pointed to Trump’s reputation as a businessman and his focus on economic prosperity as a key factor in their reconsideration. “Donald Trump has a reputation of being the money man,” one man remarked, acknowledging the former president’s successful business ventures.

Another chimed in, “I just think that Donald Trump, in spite of all the craziness he may have in his head, reading some of the things that he talks about, I can kind of agree with. Because I’m trying to grow my business. As far as Biden, I haven’t seen him care about business like that.”

The sentiment was unanimous among the group – Trump knows how to handle the economy, and Biden does not. One man even went so far as to say that his concern is “having my business so that I can build generational wealth so my kids can see and have something to take upon when I’m not here.” It’s a valid concern, and one that many Americans share.

When Lee asked if they knew of others who were also considering voting for Trump, the answer was a resounding “Yes.” “A lot of my friends are obviously my age, so we’re a little younger. We’ve only voted once, you know, for president, and Trump and Biden is kinda all we know,” one man revealed.

He continued, “They’re like ‘Well, we’re broke with Biden. We weren’t with Trump.’ And that’s kind of the only thing that I’m hearing over and over again. … ‘With Trump, we had money.’ Well, okay, I hear you guys. But personally, morally I couldn’t see myself.”

It’s a dilemma that many Americans are facing – do they vote for a president who may not align with their moral compass, but who will potentially bring them economic stability, or do they stick with someone who may share their values, but is struggling to get the economy back on track?

These men in Charleston, South Carolina, have shed light on a growing trend in the country. Trump’s appeal among working-class Americans, regardless of race, is strong. And with the Biden administration’s lackluster economic policies, it’s not surprising that people are considering a return to the former president’s leadership.

Only time will tell if these sentiments will turn into votes in the 2024 presidential election. But one thing is clear – Biden and his team have a lot of work to do if they want to win back the support of these disillusioned Americans.