Video Of Official Goes Viral


James O’Keefe, founder of the new organization O’Keefe Media Group, has released shocking footage from a sting operation he conducted with a White House official earlier this month. In the 13-minute video, O’Keefe uncovered the truth about what’s going on behind closed doors in the Biden administration.

Posing as a potential date, O’Keefe met with Charlie Kraiger, a cybersecurity policy analyst and Foreign Affairs desk officer at the White House. The two sat down for drinks at a restaurant in Washington, D.C., and Kraiger, unaware that he was speaking with the infamous guerrilla journalist, spilled the beans about the inner workings of the administration.

The most disturbing revelation from the video was about President Biden’s mental health. According to Kraiger, there have been discussions about removing Biden from the ticket for the 2024 election due to his decline. However, political correctness ultimately trumped concerns about having a competent leader, and Kamala Harris will remain the vice-presidential candidate.

Kraiger said of President Biden, “He’s definitely slowing down.”

“I think they need to get rid of him or her,” Kraiger said. “But no one in modern history has ever said, like, ‘We’re not going to renominate the president for a second term.’”

Kraiger also revealed that Harris is not well-liked among the administration, and there were debates about removing her from the ticket as well. He admitted that she’s not popular with the American people, but the administration can’t afford to remove the first black and multiracial woman from the ticket without backlash.

Speaking of Kamala Harris, Kraiger said, “She’s not popular, but you can’t remove the first black lady to be vice president from the godd*mn presidential ticket,” said Kraiger. “Like what kind of message are you going to send to like African-American voters? How would you spin that? People would be like what the f***? Like she’s a woman and she’s multiracial.”

But the most shocking moment of the video comes when O’Keefe confronts Kraiger about whether or not he did his research before meeting with him. In a stunning display of arrogance and incompetence, Kraiger admits that they are “running a good cyber security operation” despite his lack of background knowledge or proper vetting of individuals.

O’Keefe’s follow-up report, set to be released tomorrow, shows him confronting Kraiger outside and exposing more of the administration’s secrets. This further proves that there is a “clown show” going on behind the scenes at the White House.

This isn’t the first time O’Keefe has caused a stir by exposing the truth. He famously parted ways with his organization, Project Veritas, last year amid a clash with the board of directors. But that hasn’t stopped him from continuing to shine a light on corruption and deceit in our government.

In a series of posts on social media, O’Keefe hinted that he’s willing to put his life on the line for the truth. While he says he’s not suicidal, he’s “not afraid to die” and is willing to “raise the stakes” in order to expose the DC swamp for what it really is.