WH Plays Hardball With House Over Request


In the latest twist of the ongoing impeachment inquiry, it has been revealed that the White House and National Archives are refusing to turn over drafts of a 2015 speech given by then-Vice President Joe Biden in Ukraine. And what timing, just when his son Hunter Biden was raking in a whopping $60,000 per month from a corrupt Ukrainian firm.

Apparently, the House Oversight Committee, House Judiciary Committee, and House Ways and Means Committee have been asking for these documents for over five months, only to be met with stonewalling and obstruction from the Biden White House. It seems like every time the Bidens are asked to be transparent about their questionable dealings, they come up with excuse after excuse to delay or prevent any information from coming to light.

But the three Republican committee chairmen are not backing down. They are calling out the Biden White House for their blatant attempt to obstruct a legitimate investigation into the alleged corruption of the Biden family. And let’s not forget that this is all happening while President Biden himself is under scrutiny for his handling of the situation in Ukraine and his role in the firing of a prosecutor who happened to be investigating the company that was paying his son an exorbitant amount of money.

The House Republicans are demanding that the White House release these documents by February 7, 2024, citing federal law that allows Congress to request presidential records from previous administrations. And while the Bidens and their cohorts continue to hide behind flimsy excuses and fake privilege claims, the American people are left wondering what they have to hide.

It’s no secret that the Biden family has a history of using their political connections for financial gain, from Hunter’s cushy board positions on foreign companies to Joe’s brother and other family members securing lucrative business deals. And yet, they want us to believe that they are the epitome of transparency and ethical behavior. Meanwhile, as the impeachment inquiry drags on, numerous individuals with ties to the Bidens have been questioned and deposed.

And let’s not forget the hypocrisy of the Biden family and their allies. While they were all too happy to dig up dirt on President Trump and his associates during the first impeachment inquiry, they are now trying to hide any potential damaging information about themselves. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but the American people are not fooled.

So, will the Biden White House continue to delay and obstruct the investigation into their alleged corruption? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure: the American people deserve to know the truth and the House Republicans are not going to let the Bidens get away with their shady dealings.