Macron Greets Veterans During Ceremony


President Joe Biden recently made headlines during the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in Normandy, France. His appearance at the event has sparked quite a bit of controversy and conversation. Let’s break down what happened and why it has everyone talking.

During the solemn ceremonies, there was a moment that left many puzzled. Biden appeared unsure whether he was supposed to remain standing or sit down, resulting in an awkward half-squat as he looked around for a chair. First lady Jill Biden, who seemed to be guiding him, raised her hand to her mouth, possibly giving him directions. This scene quickly became a point of discussion on social media.

One user, @IowaHawkBlog, humorously commented, “TFW you realize you had 3 cups of coffee and a bran muffin for breakfast.” Stephen Miller, a political commentator, added, “You should see him behind closed doors. Sharp and engaged.” However, not everyone was amused. Pradheep Shanker posted, “At this point, these aren’t gaffes. These are serious issues of mental lapses. Why Democrats are doing this is beyond me.”

Shortly after the incident, Jill Biden escorted the president away from the ceremonies. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife stayed behind to greet the veterans, many of whom were over 100 years old. This prompted more criticism, with one X user stating, “The drug cocktail team has done all it can do. The limits have been reached, and they aren’t pretty.” Ben Domenech added, “The vets look more with it than Biden.”

Defenders of Biden argued that he had previously greeted some of the veterans, suggesting it was not a big deal. However, additional video clips emerged, showing Biden looking equally disoriented during a visit to Omaha Beach, the site of the highest casualties on D-Day.

In another clip, Biden could be heard explaining to Macron that his “advance team” had directed him to leave the venue first. This added to the speculation and concern about his ability to stay engaged and focused during important events.

This series of incidents has fueled ongoing debates about Biden’s mental sharpness and overall capability as president. Critics argue that these moments are more than just gaffes; they point to serious concerns about his cognitive health.