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It has been reported that President Joe Biden has a secret rivalry with his former boss, Barack Obama. Behind closed doors, Biden often measures himself against the former president in what can only be described as a competitive and jealous dynamic.

According to Biden’s aides, the president loves to compare himself to Obama, often remarking that “Obama would be jealous” of his accomplishments. This is unsurprising, considering that Biden has spent his entire political career living in the shadow of Obama.

But the real shocker? Biden believes he could have beaten Donald Trump in 2016 if he had run for president. This grandiose belief suggests that Biden is not seeing things clearly and that the cognitive decline we have all suspected is real. Being in Obama’s shadow for eight years has apparently affected Biden’s ego.

But the hypocrisy doesn’t end there. While publicly praising Obama as “family,” Biden has been heard privately telling his aides that Obama and his team did not appreciate his “experience” and were often disrespectful. This is hardly a surprise, as anyone who has worked with Biden knows that he can be a bit touchy and sensitive when it comes to his authority.

It’s no wonder that Biden has surrounded himself with Obama-era operatives in his administration. He’s trying to prove to himself and the world that he’s just as capable as his former boss. But their “advice” on how to govern has only caused tension between the two camps, leading to a power struggle within the White House.

And let’s not forget Biden’s infamous attempt to “save Obama’s ass” when he tried to lobby against troop surges in Afghanistan. It seems that Biden is still trying to correct for Obama’s mistakes and show that he knows better. But as we saw with the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s ego and desire to outdo Obama has led to disastrous consequences.

And let’s not forget his overcompensation in legislation. Biden’s team pushes for big, expensive bills like the American Rescue Plan to show that they can outdo Obama’s stimulus package in 2009. But as we all know, throwing money at problems does not solve them.

It’s no surprise that the Biden administration is struggling with its agenda. After being overshadowed by Obama for so long, it’s clear that Biden is still trying to prove himself. But it looks like the only thing he’s proved is that Obama was right not to have faith in him as a leader.