Biden Gives Remarks At A Women’s History Month Event


In yet another display of the Biden administration’s bumbling incompetence, President Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, spoke at a Women’s History Month event at the White House on Monday. Not only did Biden have difficulties, but his problems seemed to be contagious, as even Dr. Jill struggled to get through her remarks without any major gaffes.

While introducing her husband, Dr. Jill described Joe as “pretty funny” and praised his ability to take action “quickly.” This would be impressive if it were remotely accurate. Anyone paying attention knows that Biden’s track record is anything but quick and efficient.

Just look at the border crisis for proof of that. He has been dragging his feet and refusing to take any real action to address the situation, only doing so after being forced to by public opinion.

But the real cringe-worthy moment came when Dr. Jill attempted to discuss women’s health issues like Alzheimer’s and endometriosis. Apparently, even with her doctorate degree, she couldn’t even pronounce the word “endometriosis” correctly. Maybe she should stick to promoting her husband’s “unity” agenda, whatever that means.

But the incompetent gaffes didn’t end there. When it was Joe’s turn to speak, he stumbled through a barely comprehensible speech, struggling to find the right words and even using incorrect terminology. At one point, he tried to explain how he’s cutting the deficit while spending like a madman, which anyone with a basic understanding of economics knows is impossible.

Not to mention, Biden once again repeated the debunked story about his 17,000-mile trip with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, claiming it was the “God’s honest truth.” Maybe someone should remind him that the truth doesn’t change just because he says it loud enough or repeats it enough times.

And let’s not forget the awkward moment at the end when Dr. Jill bizarrely and frantically turned her husband away from a woman and seemingly pointed him in a different direction. But true to form, Biden ignored her and went towards the woman anyway, leaving everyone scratching their heads.

As Trump campaign spokesperson Steven Cheung accurately described it, Biden is like a “short-circuited Roomba.” He’s stumbling from one gaffe to the next, with no sense of direction or purpose. It’s clear that even with help, he has no idea what’s going on or where he is, leaving the American people questioning if our president is truly in control of the country.

But hey, at least he’s “uniting” us, right?