McConnell Freezes Up, Led Away By Aides – VIDEO


At 81 years old, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is no stranger to health issues. However, he seems to be getting worse.

Unknown until after his latest gaffe, McConnell reportedly tripped and fell disembarking from a plane at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Sources close to the incident insisted McConnell was not seriously injured and appeared later in the day at the Capitol without any apparent signs of injury.

News of the fall sparked renewed concerns about McConnell’s health, particularly after he froze during a news conference earlier in the day. McConnell brushed off the occurrence, insisting that he was “fine” and telling reporters he was simply inexperienced with the microphone.

McConnell’s health issues have been a cause of concern for some time. The 81-year-old has a history of falls and other issues related to his long-standing struggle with polio. Earlier this year, McConnell suffered a concussion and cracked rib after falling in Washington. In 2019, he fractured a shoulder after a fall back in his home state of Kentucky.

Rumors of McConnell’s failing health have been circulating for some time. However, Senate colleagues claim the minority leader is still as sharp as ever and has their full support. Sen. John Cornyn, a trusted McConnell lieutenant, insisted McConnell is as sharp as he ever was and expressed his support for Senators until he chooses to retire.

Sure he is, and so is Biden (sarcasm). 

Biden is now claiming he’s cured cancer, can’t read a teleprompter well, and now we have the Senate Minority Leader – who’s fallen twice that we know of this year – freezing up at the podium and being led away by aides.