Conservative Journalists Makes A Strong Allegation Against Pelosi


Recently, Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy gave conservative writer and founder of “Just The News” John Solomon access to all of the January 6, 2021 footage.

Solomon is claiming that he’s found evidence that former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the 1/6 committee doctored tapes.

The founder of Just The News reported that the tapes do not have any sound, “but there was, I saw it in the January 6 hearings.”

He then made an incredible allegation:

“Well guess what? It was faked. The sound was dubbed in basically, the January 6 committee faked the tapes. They faked the American people by adding sound that wasn’t on the tapes.”

Solomon also claimed that he has video showing that Pelosi was “casually strolling along with others in a hallway, along with her cameraman and daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, who was recording the whole thing.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently reported that McCarthy was giving three outlets unfettered access to the tapes.


Originally, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson was granted access to 44,000 hours of tape however his work stopped after the network abruptly fired him.

Greene has also called for the tapes to be released publicly and a few months later they were.

“We need to release the J6 tapes to a public on line source so that everyone knows what did and didn’t happen, we need to restore fair justice, and America can move on,” she posted on social media.

Other news organizations have also filed a lawsuit to get access to the footage including The Associated Press, CNN, CBS, the NTY’s, Politico and ProPublica.

It has also been alleged that the 1/6 Committee made some “alterations.”