Biden Releases March Madness Bracket


Hold onto your hats because it looks like Sleepy Joe Biden has struck again! In addition to his slurred speech and obvious mental decline, it appears that Uncle Joe can’t even spell correctly.

Just a few days ago, Biden tried to hop on the March Madness bandwagon by sharing his picks for the NCAA women’s basketball tournament on Twitter. But what should have been a simple task turned into a complete fiasco.

The man who claims to have “40 years of experience” in foreign policy couldn’t even spell the word Stanford correctly. That’s right, our dear President spelled the prestigious university as “Standford,” not once, but multiple times. And let’s not forget West Virginia, which apparently he believes is spelled “West Virginina.”

Now, some of you may be thinking, “who cares, it’s just a few typos.” But let me remind you, this is the same man who wants to be the leader of the free world. If Biden can’t even fill out a bracket without making multiple spelling errors, how can we trust him to make important decisions for our country?

But the icing on the cake came when it was revealed that Biden has been misspelling Afghanistan, a country he claims to be an expert on, since 1980. Yet he wants us to believe he has a grasp on foreign policy.

It’s truly no surprise that this is what Biden is focusing on while there’s a crisis at the southern border. He’d rather play amateur sports analyst than actually deal with the pressing issues facing our nation.

Ultimately, it’s just another embarrassing blunder from an administration that seems full of them. While Biden may try to brush it off as a simple mistake, it’s just another example of his incompetence and lack of attention to detail. But hey, at least he picked a women’s team to win it all because we all know how much Democrats love virtue-signaling.