Biden Instructions Staff On Strategy


CNN is at it again, folks. In a shocking live broadcast on Tuesday, journalist MJ Lee revealed that President Joe Biden has instructed his campaign to ramp up the rhetoric against President Donald Trump.

According to Lee, Biden is demanding that his team aggressively highlight “the crazy s*** that Trump says in public” in order to paint him as unfit for office.

Lee stated, “President Biden himself personally instructed some of his top campaign aides to be even more aggressive in highlighting some of President Trump’s more inflammatory and wild comments.”

I mean, come on, is this really the best that Biden can do? It’s clear that he’s worried about his weak and feeble campaign, so he’s resorted to cheap tactics like this.

The Biden campaign is concerned that people might have forgotten about the booming economy, record-low unemployment, and major foreign policy victories that occurred under Trump’s leadership. So, they’re resorting to attacking him for his ‘outrageous’ moments.”

“One thing that I do think — it’s worth pointing out that the Biden campaign has been concerned about for a while is this idea that so many voters seem to have forgotten about the first four years of the Trump presidency and what they see as having been sort of these unacceptable and outrageous moments from those first four years,” she said.

Of course, let’s not forget that this is the same reporter who ran a report in 2018 claiming that Sen. Bernie Sanders told Sen. Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn’t win the presidency. CNN has a history of peddling lies and misinformation and it seems like they’re not done yet.

Lee’s report also included a statement from the Biden campaign’s rapid response director, who said that Trump is the “polar opposite” of everything Biden stands for.  Biden has just one problem with this strategy, Trump isn’t saying anything crazy. Especially when compared to all of the failings of Biden lately. It’s clear that the Biden campaign is grasping at straws.