Biden Gives Remarks At The National Governors Association Winter Meeting


Last Thursday, President Joe Biden addressed the nation’s governors at the White House during the National Governors Association Winter Meeting. While the event was meant to be a unifying and productive gathering, Biden’s remarks left many confused, and even caused some controversy.

Biden kicked off his speech with an attempt at humor, stating, “If I were smart, I’d leave right now.” While some in the audience chuckled, his awkward delivery and timing fell flat for most.

It became apparent that not only was Biden confused during his speech, but he also seemed to prioritize foreign issues over domestic concerns. At one point, he even asked the audience if his wife, Jill, had already spoken. When the audience confirmed that she had, he jokingly asked, “What the hell am I doing here?” This comment may have elicited a few laughs, but it also highlighted the question on everyone’s minds: what is Biden doing to address the pressing issues facing our nation?

Biden’s true priorities were on full display when he railed against Republicans for going on “vacation” (in reality, they were on recess). This statement was incredibly ironic, considering Biden himself has spent almost 40 percent of his term on vacation. Furthermore, he seemed confused and lacking in solutions when it came to addressing the crisis at our own border.

His comments on immigration were perhaps the most controversial of all. While arguing for the passage of a border bill, he seemed to implicitly encourage the hiring of illegal immigrants when he said, “Speak to your agricultural communities and ask them if they need temporary workers!” This comment was seen as both racist and supportive of illegal hiring practices, which is a stain on Biden’s record considering he previously criticized Bill Clinton for the same issue.

Biden’s senior advisor, Tom Perez, even whispered something to him towards the end of his speech, which Biden said he would reveal “once the press leaves.” This raised speculation about what they were discussing and why they didn’t want the public to know.

Biden’s speech at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting did little to address the pressing issues facing our nation. Instead, it highlighted his confusion and lack of focus on domestic concerns, as well as his apparent support for hiring illegal immigrants.

Red State