Ronna McDaniel Resigns


Ronna McDaniel, the chair of the Republican National Committee, has announced her resignation. Citing a desire to allow the party’s nominee to select their own chair, McDaniel will officially step down on March 8.

McDaniel’s resignation comes amidst mounting criticism of her leadership, particularly in the aftermath of the 2022 midterms. Despite predictions of a “red wave,” the GOP failed to make significant gains and even lost key races, leading to questions about the effectiveness of the RNC’s strategy and fundraising efforts.

But it wasn’t just the election losses that had Republicans up in arms. In a bombshell report by conservative news outlet RedState, it was revealed that the RNC had been spending millions of donor dollars on private jets, limousines, and lavish events like Broadway shows and sporting events. This news drew harsh criticism from both party members and donors, with many calling for McDaniel’s resignation.

Despite this criticism, McDaniel was re-elected as RNC chair at the organization’s winter meeting in January 2023. However, the calls for her to step down only grew louder as the party continued to struggle under her leadership. Even former President Donald Trump, who has a close relationship with McDaniel, reportedly expressed a desire for a change at the top.

In the weeks leading up to her resignation, McDaniel came under fire once again after RedState published an update on the RNC’s spending habits. The report showed that McDaniel had continued to spend exorbitant amounts on things like limos and floral arrangements, and had also allocated a significant portion of the budget toward management consultants while neglecting important investments in get-out-the-vote infrastructure.

As her resignation loomed, rumors began to swirl about who would replace McDaniel as RNC chair. Trump has reportedly endorsed North Carolina GOP chair Michael Whatley for the position, with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, as co-chair. However, some sources within the RNC say there is still some tension and negotiation behind the scenes regarding the co-chair position.

With the March meeting approaching, all eyes will be on the RNC as they prepare to select a new leader. But one thing is for sure, with McDaniel’s resignation, it’s clear that the party is ready for a change.

Red State