Biden Gives Fiery Speech During Pennsylvania Visit


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were in Philadelphia on Wednesday for a black outreach event. Now, you know things are tough when they have to bring in special guests to generate some excitement. This time, they even had Elmo and a marching band to try and liven things up.

But let’s talk about the reality of the situation. The small crowd was gathered at the front to make it look more packed, but the gym was only half full, with the press taking up a lot of space. You could tell it wasn’t going well right from the start.

The first speaker, a student, mistakenly said they were there for “Black voters for Harris-Biden.”

Then Kamala Harris took the stage while Biden stood behind her, looking quite uncomfortable. She bragged about defying the Supreme Court on student loan debt and accused Trump of wanting to take away healthcare from black Americans and cut Social Security and Medicare. Bold claims, right?

When Biden finally spoke, it was a disaster. His speech was slurred and filled with race-baiting and lies about Trump. He had multiple moments where he seemed to lose his train of thought completely. Jill, your husband’s brain is breaking right in front of us.

One of his more baffling comments was about providing affordable high-speed internet, claiming it was as important as electricity in Franklin Roosevelt’s time. Joe, the internet didn’t exist under FDR. It was pure gibberish.

Biden repeated lies about Trump injecting bleach and the Trump tax cut. He bragged about defying the Supreme Court on student loan debt again. Then he went into overdrive with his pandering and race-baiting, falsely accusing Republicans of trying to erase black history.

The height of his pandering was when he claimed Trump wanted to tear gas peaceful protesters during the George Floyd riots. Let’s be clear: those protests weren’t peaceful. There was a lot of damage, burned-down homes and businesses, and even killings, including of black people.

In an awkward move, Biden tried to pull the “I have a black friend” card, asking for votes because he stood next to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. It’s as cringe-worthy as when he said Barack Obama was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

The crazy reached its peak when Biden accused Trump of pandering, projecting his own faults onto his opponent. How can anyone look at this and think he deserves their vote?