Jill Biden Answers Questions During Appearance On ABC’s ‘The View’


Joe Biden is facing a tough time in the polls, and his team is pulling out all the stops. Things have gotten pretty desperate, and it’s showing in their tactics.

Take what happened outside the Trump trial on Tuesday, for instance. They brought actor Robert De Niro to attack Trump right before the case went to the jury. It was a blatant political move, and the Trump team called them out for confirming the trial’s political nature. This kind of behavior is more reminiscent of a banana republic than a democratic nation.

In another move, Jill Biden is making the rounds to support her husband, even appearing on “The View.” Her appearance was a sight to behold, with the hosts bending over backward to make Joe Biden seem capable. You can believe your own eyes and ears, or you can take Jill and Joy Behar’s word for it.

Joy Behar claims that when she talks to Joe Biden, he’s “right on top of it.” She asks, “What do we have to do to tell people that the man is competent, alert, and able to do the job?” Meanwhile, she describes Trump as the one who is “doddering and can’t put a sentence together.” They can’t even say Trump’s name, so deep is their psychological disturbance.

Maybe Joy’s solution is to hide Joe Biden in the basement again. We can all see that Biden struggles with coherence and competency. Trump, on the other hand, speaks extemporaneously for hours at rallies. But they want us to ignore what we see and believe their narrative instead.

Jill Biden insists that the election won’t be about age but character. Yet, Joe Biden constantly lies to the American people. Remember the Hunter Biden laptop incident? During the last debate, Joe Biden lied about it, misleading everyone.

Then there’s Jill’s comment about the debates. She thinks it’s good to turn off the microphones to prevent rambling and screaming. Ironically, her husband is the one often caught rambling and screaming, especially when challenged. We all remember his infamous outburst in March 2020, where he cursed at a voter over a gun debate.

Joe Biden’s speeches are filled with moments where his brain seems to break. At West Point, he lied about being appointed to the Naval Academy and then struggled to read his teleprompter. “I shouldn’t get into this,” he says, filling time because he’s lost his place.

The Biden team keeps saying that we are in a better place now, but Americans know the truth. Inflation, foreign wars, illegal immigration, and chaos are all on the rise. Instead of listening to the American people’s concerns, they insult our intelligence.

Meanwhile, the Biden team’s only strategy seems to be whipping up fear against Trump, but that tactic is losing its effectiveness. Jill Biden’s last-ditch effort was to scare people about losing rights if Trump wins, which is just absurd. It’s the Democrats who are undermining the Supreme Court, not Trump.

So, who’s the real danger here? It’s not Trump or the Republicans. Jill Biden and the entire Biden campaign are full of lies, delusions, and fear-mongering.

Folks, let’s stay informed and see through the spin. It’s crucial for the future of our country.