Abbott Takes Another Step


Texas Governor Greg Abbott is taking drastic steps to protect the state’s border with Mexico as the Biden administration continues to ignore the growing crisis.

Recently, Abbott shared an image of Texas National Guard soldiers reinforcing border barriers in El Paso, an area that has seen a sharp increase in illegal crossings in recent weeks.

Abbott has made it clear that he will exercise Texas’ “sovereign authority” to protect the southern border since President Biden refuses to enforce federal immigration laws. This tough stance is necessary in the face of the administration’s inaction and lack of support.

“Texas will exercise our sovereign authority to protect our southern border – and our nation – because President Biden refuses to enforce federal immigration laws.”

Under Operation Lone Star, Texas has set up razor wire and other barriers to deter and repel illegal immigrants from crossing into the state. These measures have proved effective, as seen in a recent video obtained by Fox News showing a large group of migrants attempting to cut through the wire and being pushed back by Texas forces.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is more concerned with politics than protecting our border. They have not only refused to support Texas’ efforts, but they have also sued the state over an anti-illegal immigration bill that aims to give local police the power to arrest illegal immigrants and allow judges to order their deportation.

Despite the administration’s claims that they are enforcing federal immigration laws, the numbers tell a different story. Since May of this year, there have been nearly 600,000 removals or returns, which is higher than any full fiscal year since 2012. Yet, the crisis at the border only continues to worsen under their weak policies.

Even worse, the administration has criticized Texas’ use of razor wire, claiming it impairs the Border Patrol’s ability to do its job. However, videos and reports show that this is not the case and that migrants are easily able to cut through the wire. Mayorkas’ comments are just another example of the administration’s refusal to acknowledge the reality of the situation.

It is time for the Biden administration to wake up and take action to address the crisis at the border. Ignoring the problem and attacking states that are taking necessary measures to protect their citizens is not a solution. The safety and security of our country must come first, and under the leadership of Governor Abbott, Texas is leading the way in protecting our borders.