Biden Goes On Trip To Wisconsin


The stumble heard ‘round the world goes on and on.

On Monday, President Joe Biden again made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he once again had trouble with a simple act of walking up the stairs.

Though the incident was a near fall this time, something America has seen countless times under Big Tech’s careful editing, the video once again sparked national concern over the 80-year-old president’s well-being. Biden has been spotted wearing $150 Hoka sneakers, seemingly to ensure he won’t slip up – at least in the physical sense.

The latest stumble happened as the president prepared to board Air Force One en route to Wisconsin, where his aim was to tout his plans to cancel hundreds of millions of dollars in student debt for borrowers. That is if the student debt actually does get canceled – it will be another story for another day.

Anyways, Democrats have been holding their breath since last summer when Biden tripped on a sandbag at the Air Force Academy commencement ceremony. Since that incident, the worry surrounding the president has grown into an all-out concern. The latest embarrassment in front of cameras has Republicans and Americans alike worrying for good reason.

It’s not just the Republican National Committee that has taken note of President Biden’s embarrassing falls. Democrats’ fear over a serious injury that would effectively put an end to the current administration has been popping up as headlines for months now.

The left has been trying to push off conversations about potential health hiccups with the president. Instead, they are focusing on less-pressing matters – such as pushing Biden’s aggressive tax plans and using him as a tool to push radical and harmful holidays on the nation, like Juneteenth – instead of acknowledging the concerns that are obvious to everyone in the room.

As we have learned lately, it’s doubtful that the leftist media and the Democratic party will address these issues. Instead, state-run media will likely be more focused on keeping up this dismal charade that’s going to run this country into the ground.