Biden Comments On Elmo Post


President Joe Biden is facing backlash after engaging in a cringe-worthy exchange with the beloved “Sesame Street” muppet character, Elmo.

In a tragic attack on American service members by Iranian proxies, Biden chose to spend his time tweeting about emotional well-being and mental health with a puppet.

While innocent minds may find comfort in these types of interactions, many Americans were left scratching their heads at the tone-deafness of the President’s remarks.

One user pointed out the irony of Biden’s tweet, stating, “Biden still hasn’t punished Iran for killing three American soldiers. Instead he’s tweeting about Elmo.” It seems the President is more concerned with appeasing a puppet than holding foreign adversaries accountable for their actions.

Even conservative commentators couldn’t resist poking fun at the bizarre exchange. The Daily Wire’s Andrew Klavan quipped, “I feel so much better now,” while Joe Concha couldn’t believe this was not a parody account, stating, “Not a parody account. Really.”

In true Biden fashion, he couldn’t resist throwing in some “Sesame Street” references, saying, “I know how hard it is some days to sweep the clouds away and get to sunnier days.” This type of childish language only highlights the President’s lack of leadership and seriousness in addressing important issues facing the nation.

It’s no surprise that Biden’s tweet sparked outrage among Americans who felt he should be prioritizing more pressing matters, such as national security and the economy, rather than engaging in a cringe-worthy conversation with a children’s character.

At a time when tensions are high and foreign threats loom, our leaders need to show strength and resolve. Instead, Biden comes across as weak and out of touch with the concerns of the American people.

Understandably, everyone needs a distraction and a bit of lightheartedness in their life, but when our President chooses to focus on trivial matters instead of the pressing issues at hand, it raises serious questions about his leadership abilities.