Tom Cotton Comments On Protests


Anti-Israel protesters in several US cities have decided to shut down highways and main roads that lead to airports and planes. These protesters are supporting Palestine and want to raise awareness for their community. However, one senator has had enough and is encouraging Americans to take matters into their own hands.

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas posted on X that people should not hesitate to remove protesters blocking roads. He specifically called out the pro-Hamas mobs and stated that it is time to put an end to their disruption.

The senator’s statement comes as a response to the recent protests that took place in major cities across the country, including Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. These protests were organized by the far-left extremist group A15 Action, who called for roads to be blocked to show solidarity with Palestine.

According to the group’s website, their objective was to cause economic impact by targeting major points of production and circulation. They claim that this escalation is necessary, and they want to shift from symbolic actions to those that will cause pain to the economy.

However, this extremist group fails to acknowledge the recent attack from Iran on Israel, which prompted Israel to defend itself by eliminating Hamas terrorists in Gaza. Senator Cotton also criticized the group for not acknowledging the ongoing violence in Yemen, where coalition forces are bombing Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists.

These protests not only cause inconvenience to civilians, but they also show support for a terrorist organization. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist group by the United States, and it is unacceptable for American citizens to be rallying for their cause.

While people have the right to protest, blocking roads and causing economic damage is not an acceptable form of protest. It is important to peacefully voice opinions and respect the laws and rules of a country. Senator Cotton’s statement reminds Americans to stand up for what is right and not let extremist groups dictate their actions.

However, there are, of course, those who disagree with the Senator.

Senator Tom Cotton’s call to action to remove protesters who are blocking roads serves as a reminder to Americans to stand up against extremist groups and support the country of Israel. These protests disguised as solidarity for Palestine are causing more harm than good, and it is time for them to come to an end. It is essential to uphold law and order and not tolerate these disruptions any longer.