Protests Take Place At Emory College


A crazed Emory University professor was arrested this week for causing a disturbance during an anti-Israel protest on campus. Caroline Fohlin, a professor of economics, was caught on video yelling, “I’m a professor,” as law enforcement officers tackled her to the ground and placed her in handcuffs.

This shocking incident occurred as anti-Israel protesters were wreaking havoc on the Emory campus, causing chaos and confusion for students and faculty. Fohlin, who was not participating in the protest, appeared to approach police officers who were arresting another protester. She seemed to resist their instructions and was swiftly taken to the ground and handcuffed.

Despite her claims of being a professor, Fohlin’s actions speak louder than her words. She clearly had no regard for authority or the safety of those around her. It’s no wonder she teaches economics – she seems to have no understanding of the consequences of her actions.

In a later video, Fohlin attempted to defend herself by saying she “reacted impulsively” and “lightly hit” an officer in order to get his attention. But her excuses ring hollow and only serve further to demonstrate her lack of respect for law enforcement.

It’s a sad day when a supposed “educator” is involved in such a shameful display of behavior. Fohlin should be setting an example for her students, not getting arrested for disorderly conduct and battery.

Another professor was arrested at Emory:

Her lawyer claims that she was not a protester, but merely concerned for the treatment of students on the quad. But one has to wonder why she felt the need to approach police officers in the first place. It seems as though Fohlin was looking for trouble and she got exactly what she was looking for.

As a professor at a prestigious university, Fohlin should know better than to engage in such reckless behavior. It’s a shame that she chose to lower herself to the level of the protesters instead of setting an example for her students and the rest of the community.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp released a statement and said:

Let this incident serve as a reminder that even those in positions of authority can lose control and behave irrationally. Fohlin may be a professor of economics, but she clearly needs a lesson in basic respect and self-control.