Biden Answers Questions About Israel During Interview In Pennsylvania


President Joe Biden is facing yet another embarrassing blunder after claiming that his uncle was eaten by cannibals in New Guinea after his plane crashed during World War II.

This outlandish and untrue story was told not once but twice during a recent visit to Scranton, Pennsylvania, despite military records showing that his uncle’s plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean.

According to the record, Biden’s uncle Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr.’s plane went down in the ocean in 1944, and his body was never recovered. However, Biden seems to have a vivid imagination as he told reporters and union members that his uncle was shot down in New Guinea, a place known for its cannibalistic practices at the time.

This latest blunder comes on the heels of Biden’s repeated false stories, including claiming that his uncle won a Purple Heart even though the details don’t add up and saying he was picked to attend the Naval Academy without any evidence to support that claim. It is troubling that a leader who should be setting an example for honesty and integrity is instead constantly making false claims and confusing important details.

Furthermore, Biden’s comments also included an attack on former President Trump, in which he accused Trump of avoiding a visit to a military cemetery in France. This allegation has been debunked multiple times, with evidence showing that the Navy made a bad-weather call that prevented the trip from being made by helicopter. Once again, Biden has shown that he is more interested in attacking his political opponents than sticking to the facts.

Biden, continuing further into his confusion, started spewing comments about Israel, stating, “I made it clear to the Israelis — don’t move on Haifa!” However, Haifa has been under Israel’s control since 1948 with Rafah.

Making false claims, confusing important details, and attacking political opponents does not inspire confidence in Biden’s leadership. As a nation, we deserve a leader who is truthful, transparent and focused on the real issues facing our country, not one who has a difficult time separating fact from fiction.