Koch Network Makes Decision After SC


Nikki Haley, the presidential candidate and former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has hit a roadblock in her campaign.

The powerful and influential conservative group, AFP Action, backed by the billionaire Koch Brothers, has announced that it will no longer fund her presidential efforts. This move has sparked a lot of controversy and speculation about Haley’s future in the race.

In an email to staffers, AFP Action senior adviser Emily Seidel explained the decision, stating that they didn’t believe any outside group could make a significant impact on Haley’s chances of winning. Instead, the group will be focusing its resources on supporting Republican candidates running for Senate and House seats. This news was initially reported by Politico and has since caused a stir in the political arena.

AFP Action’s endorsement in November was a significant boost for Haley’s campaign, as the group pledged to spend millions to help push the Republican Party past former President Trump. They launched an ad blitz earlier this year, and their initial $27 million investment was expected to make a considerable impact on Haley’s chances.

However, with Trump’s recent win in the South Carolina GOP primary, it seems that AFP Action has lost faith in Haley’s ability to secure the nomination.

Despite this setback, Haley remains determined to continue her presidential bid. She has stated that the loss of funding from AFP Action does not worry her and that she will keep fighting for the 70% of Americans who do not want to see a Trump-Biden rematch. Her campaign team also announced that they had raised $1 million from grassroots supporters in less than 24 hours since her loss in the South Carolina primary.

Haley’s resilience and refusal to give up have drawn a lot of attention, especially in the wake of increasing pressure for her to drop out of the race and let Trump focus on defeating Biden. In a recent interview, she emphasized her commitment to the American people and her conservative beliefs, which align with those of AFP Action.

The billionaire Koch brothers, known for their significant contributions to conservative causes, are major players in the political landscape. So, it’s not surprising that their decision to pull funding for Haley’s campaign has raised eyebrows and sparked speculation about her future in the race. However, it’s too early to count Haley out just yet.

Despite the odds, she remains determined to continue fighting for the Republican nomination and the chance to lead our country. Only time will tell how this recent development will affect her campaign, but one thing is for sure; Haley is not going down without a fight.

Fox News