KJP Answers Questions About Issue Affecting Cattle


A new threat may have experts clucking their wings with worry.

It seems that a rare human case of the H5N1 avian flu has been detected in Texas, with fears that it could trigger a pandemic that would be “100 times worse than COVID.”

According to Dr. Suresh Kuchipudi, a bird flu researcher, this virus has been at the top of the pandemic list for decades. And now, it seems to be spreading to cattle, which could affect our milk and beef supply.

But don’t worry; the Biden administration has it all under control. White House Press Secretary and vegan Karine Jean-Pierre assures us they are monitoring the situation closely.

Just remember, if your local supermarket runs out of beef or milk, it’s not their problem. Jean-Pierre doesn’t eat meat, so it’s not high on her list of priorities. Thanks for your concern, Karine.

During the WH Press briefing, one reporter asked,

Q Karine, what’s your currently assessment of the risk to the U.S. milk and meat supply from the bird flu epidemic in cattle?

MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  Yep.  So, I know that the Department of Agriculture has been on top of this.  I know that they are not seeing any — any concerns to — to milk or any of the cattle or the meat — or meat that we are be- — that we are consuming.  Well, I don’t consume any meat, but some of you all — (laughter) — you out there.


Here are some responses to Jean-Pierre’s eloquent comment:

The symptoms of bird flu are similar to those of other flus, but they can develop into severe, life-threatening pneumonia.

But wait, there’s more. We have cow flu, vaccine testing, a vegan press secretary, and a supposedly “low-risk” situation.  And what does Jean-Pierre have to say about it? Nothing. Apparently, she didn’t have anything in her binder about this one. But hey, at least she serves up a mean word salad.