Report Makes Claims About Biden Report


President Biden, in an attempt to discredit Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, has attacked Hur for allegedly bringing up his son’s death during their interviews.

“How in the h— dare he raise that,” Biden said in a press conference. “Frankly, when I was asked the question I thought to myself it wasn’t any of their d— business.”

However, according to sources cited by NBC, it was actually Biden himself who first brought up the tragic loss of his son, Beau Biden, during their discussions last October.

According to these sources, it was during a discussion about Biden’s workflow while writing a memoir that the president began to try and recall the events surrounding his son’s death. He appeared confused and struggled to remember the exact year in which Beau passed away. While Biden got the date correct, he initially got the year wrong.

These reported revelations came in response to Biden’s criticism of Hur’s report, in which Hur described the president’s memory as “hazy,” “fuzzy,” and “faulty.”

Despite these alleged discrepancies, Hur’s report ultimately concluded that no criminal charges were warranted against President Biden. This was in line with the Department of Justice’s policy of not bringing criminal charges against a sitting president.

While the president’s response to the report was emotional and fiery, it is important to note the facts surrounding the situation. President Biden was not only asked about Beau’s death during his interview with Hur, but it was he who initiated the conversation about it.

This information gives valuable context to the president’s reaction and the validity of his criticism of Hur.

Fox News