North Miami Bookstore Announces Closing


Paradis Books and Bread, a Miami wine bar and bakery, has recently announced its closure after facing backlash from a Fox News analyst. The incident, which took place over a year ago, has sparked controversy and led to ongoing harassment for the owners of the establishment.

The incident occurred when Fox News commentator Gianno Caldwell and his friends visited Paradis. The owners, who describe their space as a “collectively owned” establishment with a special focus on “Black Studies” and “Critical Theory,” asked Caldwell to leave after they felt uncomfortable with the conversation taking place.

According to the owners, Caldwell and his companions were “talking about women in degrading ways” and using “eugenic arguments” related to Roe v. Wade. In response, Paradis promptly kicked them out, citing their “zero tolerance policy” towards racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, and other forms of harm and oppression.

However, Caldwell claims that their group was discussing their political views and experiences at Fox News. He also accused the owners of discrimination and compared their actions to the Jim Crow laws of the past. In a tweet that gained over 2 million views, Caldwell called for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to intervene and take action.

This incident has caused a deep divide among the public. On one hand, supporters of Paradis are applauding the owners for standing up for what they believe. On the other hand, critics are accusing the owners of bigotry and denying Caldwell’s right to free speech.

The backlash has had a lasting impact on the business, with the owners citing it as one of the reasons for their closure. They also mentioned other factors, such as personal hardships and the overwhelming demand for food service, which overshadowed their wine and bookstore offerings.

However, some believe that the closure is a result of the owners’ leftist ideology. Paradis has faced criticism in the past for its book selection and activism, with some accusing the establishment of promoting socialist and Marxist ideas. This recent incident has only added fuel to the fire for their detractors.

While the controversy surrounding Paradis Books and Bread may have come to an end, the conversation about freedom of speech, tolerance, and discrimination will continue.

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