Red States Moving To Zero Income Tax


There’s a push going on in red states, and it has other areas of the country concerned.

In the last few years, there has been a huge shift. People left areas like New York City, Philadelphia, and New Jersey for greener pastures. Not only did they leave, but many took their business with them.

Additionally, companies moved to the southeast to take advantage of policies from 2020 on so they could survive.

It created a massive shift, and it’s getting bigger.

Now the Red States are sweetening the deal.

One of the reasons why many left is the cost of living in the Northeast. It’s ridiculous. For example, Pennsylvania has the 2nd highest gas tax in the country (adds $0.61 a gallon). That deal was negotiated between Democrat Governor Wolf and the Republican majority legislator.

Between that and the pandemic, almost 400,000 people left the state with a net loss of over 40,000.

Looking to capitalize, red states are now in mass, moving to zero income tax.

States like Kentucky, Mississippis, Iowa, West Virginia, and Arkansas are all looking to join the seven other states with zero income tax.

Additionally, other states like Louisiana, Georgia, Montana, Indiana, and (yup) Virginia are looking to slash their income tax to extreme lows.

The move has states like Pennsylvania very nervous, and now they are trying to undo the tax. However, the measure will have to be signed by a Democrat governor.

Some blue states are trying to stop the bleeding.

From Townhall:

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont recently enacted legislation that reduces the two bottom income brackets from 3% to 2% and 5% to 4.5%.

The move is good for the country. The more competitive the states are, the better the quality of life and the lower the cost of living for families.

Except in California, they seem determined to drive that state into the ground.