Another Murder In NYC Hits National News


According to the New York City Police Department, a murder was caught on camera when a man was stabbed to death at a gas station.

A man was shirtless, was pumping gas at a Brooklyn Mobil station, and his friend was.”
dancing exuberantly.”

That was when a group of men came out of the Mobil station and told the 28-year-old victim, wearing pink swim trunks, that what they were doing was offensive.

“Nothing else was going on. They were only dancing,” a witness said. “This guy was dancing in underwear, and the suspect was like, ‘Why are you dancing in your underwear?’”

From the New York Daily News:

The mayhem started when the victim pulled up the the Mobil gas station on Coney Island Ave. near Avenue P in Midwood about 11:15 p.m. Saturday, cops said. He and his four friends, all shirtless in swim trunks on one of the hottest days of the year, got out of their white sedan to pump gas.

A friend of the victim in small tight trunks a witness described as “underwear” began dancing.

That’s when a group of men exiting the Mobil station started harassing the 28-year-old victim, clad in pink swim trunks, and his pals, according to Summy Ullah, 32, who witnessed the argument and slaying.

Ullah said after a heated exchange the group calmed for a moment until the victim’s group started a confrontation because they were mad the attacking group was mocking them.

One of the men doing the recording walked off but was chased by the victim and we going to pull direct quotes from the article because the narrative spinning on this is going to be something else:

Ullah said he convinced the two groups to calm down and told everyone to step away — but one of the men harassing the victim’s group continued to use his cellphone to record the shirtless men as he cursed them as they returned to their car.

That sparked the victim’s group to return to the front of the store to argue some more with the man recording them. Ullah again urged the men to cool and the man recording the victim walked off through the parking lot. But the victim chased after him and was stabbed by the man who had been recording, according to Ullah.

The video shows the stabbing happened in a split second, with the shocked victim still on his feet as a crowd gathered around him.

Medics rushed the victim, stabbed in the torso, to Maimonides Medical Center but he couldn’t be saved. His name was not immediately released.

Police are searching for the man who stabbed the 28-year-old victim and subsequently died. It is being investigated as a hate crime.

There’s going to be a lot of narrative hoop-jumping on this one.

If you disagree, scroll down to the bottom of the article linked here and read the comments while they still keep them up, I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled the article.