Law Lecturer Furious Over Image Of New Speaker Of The House


On October 25, 2023, the House of Representatives elected first-time congressional leader Mike Johnson of Louisiana as their 56th Speaker of the House. Johnson’s election ends more than three weeks of chaos and disarray in the Speaker’s office, which began when House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was ousted.

As Speaker of the House, Johnson is second in line to the presidency and will be tasked with leading the Republican party. Johnson is the most conservative Speaker since Newt Gingrich in the 1990s, and his rise was due to his friendliness, his close relationship with President Donald Trump, and his lack of political enemies.

Even Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said that Johnson is a really likable guy.

All 220 House Republicans voted in unity for Johnson. Following the vote, Johnson marked the occasion with an address to the House, saying, “Let the enemies of freedom around the world hear us loud and clear — the people’s House is back in business.”

The tumultuous weeks leading up to Johnson’s election saw several potential speakers from within the Republican party step forward and eventually step away from the nomination after realizing they couldn’t amass the necessary 217 votes due to infighting within the GOP. This process began with Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana dropping out within 36 hours of nomination, followed by two successive Republican leaders, Majority Whip Tom Emmer of Minnesota and Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan of Ohio withdrawing their candidacy as well.

Johnson, who was the Republican Conference Vice Chairman, represents a fresh face in the House and his colleagues praised him for his pleasant demeanor. House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik described him saying, “A friend to all and an enemy to none… And above all, Mike is kind.”

President Joe Biden called Johnson to congratulate him, and his work will start immediately.

One thing about Johnson is that he is a strong man of faith.

Well, there is one picture that had Syracuse Law Lecturer and Pulitzer prize winner David Cay Johnston incensed.

Republican Congressman Greg Steube posted a picture of Johnson with a group of members on the House floor back in January when the GOP was in deadlock. They prayed about the Speakers race, 14 members changed their votes and McCarthy became Speaker.

Steube saw the picture and wrote, “.@HouseGOP members praying on the House floor offends both our Constitution and the New Testament, which denounces public displays of devotion.The blasphemy of the new Speaker, who says God ordained him, is just as disgusting.”

It’s unclear if Steube realized that the image took place in January not October 25.

As soon as Johnson was confirmed Speaker the left went after Johnson’s faith.

They are mad folks.