NYC DA Paralegal Admits Records Issue In Case


The criminal prosecution of former President Donald Trump is underway in Manhattan, and troubling new information about missing evidence in the case has emerged.

During the trial, Manhattan District Attorney Office paralegal Jaden Jarmel-Schneider admitted that some records of phone calls related to the case had been deleted. This revelation has raised significant questions about the prosecution’s case and whether the defense has all the evidence it needs.

One of the key pieces of evidence in the trial is a recording of a phone call between Trump and his former attorney, Michael Cohen. The recording was played by prosecutors to demonstrate the two discussing “catch and kill allegedly” or hush money payments.

Trump’s attorneys have raised concerns about the authenticity of the recording, pointing to the fact that it abruptly ends and does not include a call that Cohen received 22 seconds after the recording cuts off.

In light of these concerns, Trump’s defense attorney Emil Bove questioned Jarmel-Schneider about the “deletion of some toll records” from the Trump case files. Jarmel-Schneider confirmed that some records related to a three-page exhibit of calls between Gina Rodriguez and Dylan Howard had been deleted. When asked if he was the “guardian of toll records” at the trial, Jarmel-Schneider replied that he did not know. This admission calls into question the integrity of the evidence being presented by the prosecution.

Even more troubling is the fact that records of a call between former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks and former CEO of American Media, David Pecker, were also missing. Bove pointed out this discrepancy to Jarmel-Schneider, who could not recall whether the records were actually missing. This raises concerns about what other evidence may have been deleted or withheld from the Trump case files.

It is not clear why these records were deleted or if there was any malicious intent behind it. However, the fact that key pieces of evidence are missing has cast doubt on the prosecution’s case and the integrity of the trial. As the trial continues, it is imperative that all evidence is properly accounted for and presented to the jury. This revelation only adds fuel to the argument that the case against Trump is politically motivated and lacks concrete evidence.