Mayor Henyard Facing Is Reportedly Being Investigated By LE


The FBI has launched a probe into the self-described “super mayor” Tiffany Henyard, as accusations of misconduct and misuse of office continue to pile up against her.

This comes as the Illinois Attorney General has shut down her charity, “Tiffany Henyard Cares,” due to a lack of registration and transparency regarding its finances.

The eccentric mayor, whose face is plastered on billboards throughout the small village of Dolton, Illinois, is facing allegations of spending taxpayer money on lavish trips and using her position to retaliate against her perceived enemies.

Local businessman Lawrence Gardner claims he was forced to donate $3,500 to her political campaign and when he refused to give more, she shut down his trucking business with false accusations of illegal alcohol sales.

Gardner’s story is just the tip of the iceberg, as the FBI has received scores of complaints against Henyard and is now launching an investigation. According to sources, the agency is also utilizing electronic surveillance in their efforts to uncover the truth.

One vocal Dolton resident, Sherry Britton, has also been visited by the FBI but is remaining tight-lipped on their advice. However, she did tell The Post, “I want to see her stopped… This has to stop, it’s ridiculous.”

Meanwhile, the village of Dolton is in financial crisis, with around $5 million in debt. Many locals are hopeful that the FBI investigation will bring justice and uncover any wrongdoing by Henyard. Gardner, for one, is looking forward to the day when he can witness the mayor being handcuffed and taken down for her alleged corruption.

However, the spokesperson for Henyard denies any knowledge of an investigation and claims that the village has not been contacted by the FBI or any other law enforcement agency. This denial comes as no surprise, as it seems Henyard has been using her position and resources to cover her tracks.

But justice may be closer than she thinks, as the Illinois Attorney General has shut down her charity, citing a lack of registration and transparency with its finances. This is just another example of Henyard’s unethical behavior and misuse of her position as “super mayor.”

New York Post