Mark Cuban Social Media Exchange May Create Problems


Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire investor Mark Cuban is facing serious criticism after stating that he sometimes factors race and gender into his hiring decisions. In a recent viral post, Cuban defended his actions by saying he has “never hired anyone based exclusively on race, gender, or religion,” but argued that sometimes these factors can be considered if it puts his business “in the best position to succeed.”

But experts are not buying Cuban’s explanation. In fact, a federal official from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has come forward to say that Cuban may be in blatant violation of hiring discrimination laws.

In an exclusive interview with FOX Business, EEOC official Andrea Lucas stressed that there is “no legitimate business reason” for Cuban to consider race and gender in his hiring decisions. She stated, “The law is crystal clear. Any form of race or gender-based discrimination is illegal and cannot be justified by any reason, no matter how well-intentioned.”

Lucas also dismantled Cuban’s argument that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in hiring practices should be based on local community demographics or the overall American population. “Your goals should be based on the specific labor market and industry you are in, not some abstract idea of fairness,” she asserted.

Furthermore, Lucas clarified the difference between equity and equality. “Equity is focused on equal outcomes, whereas the EEOC’s mission is centered on providing equal opportunities. Cuban’s actions, in the name of DEI, are actually promoting the opposite of what the EEOC stands for.”

While Cuban has been quick to defend his actions, critics are not backing down. Some legal analysts believe that a lawsuit against Cuban may be imminent. One employment lawyer even suggested that a lawsuit could be filed as early as today.

But Cuban seems unmoved by the criticism and continues to defend his actions. He has even challenged his critics to “show examples of white preferences” and questioned why they are not focusing on combating alleged discrimination against white people.

However, as Lucas pointed out, there is no such thing as “good race discrimination.” She argued that all forms of discrimination, regardless of intentions, are illegal and should not be tolerated.

Cuban may be facing serious consequences if a lawsuit is filed against him. It seems that Cuban’s actions have landed him in hot water and have called into question his commitment to equal opportunities in the workplace.

Fox Business