Fani Willis Faces New Allegations


It seems District Attorney Fani Willis’ alleged lover Nathan Wade has some shady business partners, and they just so happen to have donated thousands of dollars to her campaign. To make matters worse, these same partners have also received lucrative contracts from Willis’ office. Talk about a conflict of interest!

Terrence Bradley and Christopher Campbell, who both work with Wade, have collectively given over $5,000 to Willis’ campaign. And surprise, surprise, they’ve both scored big bucks from working with the district attorney’s office. Bradley, who used to work with Wade, made over $74,000 from the office, while Campbell has raked in a whopping $126,000.

But wait, it gets even juicier. These aren’t the only attorneys who have contributed to Willis’ campaign and then turned around to receive contracts from her office. Anna Cross and John Floyd, who were brought in as special prosecutors for the case against former President Trump, have also donated to Willis. And the cherry on top? Willis falsely claimed that she paid all three special prosecutors the same hourly rate when in reality Wade was getting paid more than Floyd.

It’s starting to look like Willis may have a bit of a corruption problem on her hands. And it’s not just her love life that’s raising eyebrows. During a recent meeting, Fulton County Commissioner Bridget Thorn asked Willis how much the county was spending on the election interference case, to which she replied with a vague “Lady Justice has no price.” Really? Because it seems like this case has a pretty hefty price tag, and the citizens of Fulton County deserve to know the truth.

However, Willis and her office seem determined to keep things under wraps. When Willis’ co-defendant Michael Roman brought up allegations of her benefiting from her relationship with Wade, she responded by filing a motion to dismiss the claim. But the judge has given her until Friday to respond to the allegations, so she can’t hide for much longer.

And now, to add to the mess, Willis is being sued for allegedly failing to disclose certain records related to the case. It seems like the more we uncover, the more shady business we find going on within the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. It’s time for some serious accountability and transparency from Willis and her team. Lady Justice may have no price, but she certainly has standards, and it’s time for Willis to step up and meet them.

Daily Caller