Mother In High Profile Case Makes Comments On Social Media


President Joe Biden is facing backlash once again for his handling of the immigration crisis at the southern border and his policies on illegal immigration. This time, it is because he botched the name of a young nursing student who was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant.

Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student from Georgia, was out for a morning run when she was brutally attacked and killed by a Venezuelan national who is an “active” gang member. Her tragic death has once again brought attention to the issue of illegal immigration and the need for stricter border control.

But instead of addressing the issue head-on, President Biden stumbled over Laken’s name during his State of the Union speech. And to make matters worse, he tried to minimize her death by bringing up the loss of his own son, Beau Biden. Many are accusing Biden of using his son’s death as a way to deflect criticism and avoid taking responsibility for his failed policies.

Laken’s mother, Allyson Phillips, took to social media to express her disappointment in the president’s handling of the matter. She rightfully pointed out that Biden couldn’t even get her daughter’s name right and accused him of trying to downplay her death.

Former President Donald Trump, on the other hand, addressed Laken’s death head-on when he visited the southern border with Governor Greg Abbott. He called it a “Joe Biden invasion” and slammed the president for his incompetence. Trump also spoke directly to Laken’s parents and offered his condolences, calling them “incredible people.”

This is not the first time Biden has faced criticism for his handling of illegal immigration. In fact, it has been a recurring issue since he took office. His decision to reverse many of Trump’s strict immigration policies has led to a surge of illegal immigrants at the border, overwhelming border patrol and causing a national crisis.

Laken’s death is a tragic example of the consequences of Biden’s lax stance on immigration. A young life was cut short by an illegal immigrant who should not have been in the country in the first place. It’s time for Biden and his administration to take responsibility for their actions and address the pressing issue of illegal immigration.

The loss of Laken Riley is a reminder that we need strong border control and stricter immigration policies to protect our citizens. Our hearts go out to her parents and all families who have lost loved ones due to the failures of our leaders. We can only hope that this tragedy will be a wake-up call for the Biden administration to take action and prioritize the safety and security of our nation.