Biden Holds Virtual Event After SOTU


Joe Biden’s State of the Union address prompted widespread speculation about the President’s mental and physical capabilities. Many questioned if he was given some medication to amp him up for the speech. But now, just days later, we see him struggling once again to string together coherent sentences and understand what he’s even saying.

During a virtual campaign event on Saturday, even with his handler wife Jill by his side, Biden appeared to be struggling to read from the teleprompter and maintain any coherence. He even stumbled over basic grammar, saying “we have to start off by vaccinating America” in the present tense when he should have been talking about past actions. Standing by his side, Jill had a look of deep concern on her face, as if she wanted to dig a hole and disappear from the embarrassment of her husband’s incompetence.

Jill Biden allegedly pushed her husband to run for president because of her deep-seated hatred for Trump. But now, we see her standing by, helplessly watching as her husband struggles to form coherent thoughts.

Many have compared Biden to Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons,” and it’s not hard to see why. In one clip, he stumbles through his words while Jill tries to maintain a stoic expression, visibly uncomfortable with the situation.

Biden tries to attack the Republicans over national security while ignoring the very real threat posed by the unvetted individuals pouring across our border. He claims Republicans aren’t “running on anything,” but that’s far from the truth. The Republican party has clear, strong policies and plans for the future, while Biden runs on hate and fearmongering against the other side.

In typical Biden fashion, he rambles on, trying to make a point about not letting Republicans “win the past.” It’s a nonsensical statement, as the past is unchangeable. But Biden’s grasp on reality is tenuous at best.

As he takes yet another vacation in Delaware, we see him struggling with simple tasks like walking down short stairs. How can the left continue praising him after the SOTU when he can’t handle basic day-to-day activities?