Lunden Roberts Announces Book


Buckle up because we’ve got some explosive news coming your way. Lunden Roberts, the former stripper who shares a daughter with Hunter Biden, is about to release a tell-all memoir that promises to shed light on her tumultuous time with the President’s embattled son. And here’s the kicker: the book is set to drop right in the middle of the 2024 Democratic National Convention!

Roberts’ memoir, aptly titled “Out of the Shadows: My Life Inside the Wild World of Hunter Biden,” will hit the shelves on August 20, just as the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Chicago from August 19-22. This is the same event where President Joe Biden is expected to be officially nominated for his 2024 presidential run.

Skyhorse Publishing, the company behind the memoir, has described the book as a brave and honest account of Roberts’ chaotic relationship with Hunter Biden. The publisher notes, “Lunden is finally ready to step into the light and tell her story,” highlighting her journey through “chaos, broken trust, and ultimately the incredible love she found mothering and protecting the long-unacknowledged grandchild of the sitting President of the United States.”

In a tantalizing excerpt provided by the publisher, Roberts recounts her first meeting with Hunter. She paints a vivid picture: “He was sitting there wearing nothing but parrot boxer briefs, organizing his pipes on his Rosemont Seneca desk. I was sitting in Barack Obama’s actual chair on the Senate floor. I took another look at Hunter — this kind, intense, and startlingly transparent man — and thought, ‘this is definitely a guy I want to get to know better.’”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The memoir delves into the wild and unpredictable world Roberts stepped into when she got involved with Hunter. Skyhorse’s description teases the incredible and sometimes bizarre experiences she had, from drug cooks in the Rosemont Seneca kitchen to Hunter trying his hand at the pole in strip clubs and even a night where she had to grab two guns, fearing she might have to shoot a crazed MMA fighter.

“That was the first time Lunden Roberts met Hunter Biden. She had moved to D.C. from Arkansas in an impulsive decision to apply for a grad program. Hunter radiated the ‘live-for-the-moment’ energy she sought,” the description read. “What followed from that first meeting was a wild journey that would come to define Lunden’s young life in ways she never could have anticipated. Out of the Shadows chronicles that rollercoaster ride of a relationship, touching on the drug cook working in Rosemont Seneca’s kitchen, strip clubs where Hunter might try the pole himself, protecting him from would-be terrorists in New York City, the night she grabbed two guns and was certain she would have to fatally shoot a crazed MMA fighter, and dozens of other stories that make the laptop debacle seem routine.”

The rollercoaster didn’t end there. Roberts’ memoir touches on her constant efforts to protect Hunter from various threats, including would-be terrorists in New York City. These stories make the infamous laptop debacle seem almost routine by comparison.

Roberts’ daughter with Hunter, Navy Joan, was a significant part of this saga. It wasn’t until Navy Joan was four years old that President Joe Biden publicly acknowledged her as part of the family, following substantial pressure from the media.

This memoir is bound to stir up a storm, coming at such a pivotal moment in the political calendar. The timing of its release couldn’t be more dramatic, coinciding with an event that’s crucial for Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. With Roberts stepping into the spotlight, we can expect a flurry of reactions from all sides of the political spectrum.

Stay tuned, folks. This story is set to unfold with all the intensity of a political thriller, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.