Buttigieg Answers Questions About Charging Network


As the Biden administration continues to push its radical green agenda, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg found himself in the hot seat this weekend.

And it’s no wonder, considering the administration’s abysmal failure to turn billions of dollars in federal investment into a functional, nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations.

These concerns were brought to light during a heated interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation.” Host Margaret Brennan confronted Buttigieg with former President Donald Trump’s scathing remarks about the administration’s obsession with electric vehicles. And to put it lightly, Buttigieg did not fare well under the pressure.

In a video clip played by Brennan, Trump hilariously points out the obvious: while Biden and his cronies are busy promoting and subsidizing electric vehicles, the American people still overwhelmingly prefer gas-powered vehicles.

Of the 4 million vehicles purchased in the US, a mere 269,000 were electric. That’s only about 2% of the market, folks. But Buttigieg, ever the loyal soldier, blindly defends the administration’s agenda, insisting that Trump is “wrong.”

But Brennan wasn’t having it. She boldly declared that on the purchasing front, Trump was not wrong. In fact, she highlights the fact that despite the massive investment of $7.5 billion made by taxpayers in 2021 for a charging network for electric vehicles, only seven or eight charging stations have been built. And who’s supposed to be overseeing this grand project? Buttigieg himself.

To this, Buttigieg responds with the classic excuse of “it’s really hard to build them,” and promises that 500,000 more will be built in the next six years. But let’s not forget, the administration has only managed to build less than ten charging stations in three years. At this rate, it will take more than a century to reach their goal.

Buttigieg’s weak justifications and empty promises are simply not cutting it. The Biden administration is more focused on pushing their radical green agenda than actually delivering results for the American people. And while they may think electric vehicles are the wave of the future, the American people have spoken loud and clear – we want our gas-powered vehicles.

Buttigieg and the rest of the administration need to wake up and start prioritizing the needs and wants of the American people instead of their own radical ideologies. It’s time for the Biden administration to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on failed projects and focus on the real issues facing our country.