Lori Lightfoot Hired To Investigate Corruption


The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds as failed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has blamed her failure on being a black woman, has been hired to investigate corruption in Dolton, Illinois. Apparently, Lightfoot has suddenly become an expert on corruption after her abysmal record in Chicago.

Making an exorbitant $400 an hour, Lightfoot will be investigating the alleged corruption of Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who stands accused of taking an extravagant trip to Las Vegas with select members of the city’s employees using taxpayer funds.

This comes after Henyard’s vetoing of the FBI and other entities to launch an investigation into her administration. Now, Henyard’s corruption and wasteful spending are being uncovered by Lightfoot, who has promised to “follow the facts” in her investigation.

Of course, there are skeptics who question Lightfoot’s ability to uncover the truth, such as one resident who asked, “What happens next once we get what we’re looking for?” Others are quick to point out that the city has not seen results from basic requests under the Freedom of Information Act, so how will Lightfoot be any different? But she reassured the public that she will do all that is necessary to uncover the truth, even if it means going against Henyard’s wishes.

But let’s not forget that the same Lightfoot who is now investigating corruption in Dolton is the same Lightfoot who ran the infamous city of Chicago, which has been plagued with corruption for decades. And yet, she claims to have the expertise to lead such an investigation. One has to wonder, where was this expertise when she was running Chicago into the ground? Oh, that’s right, she was too busy blaming her failures on being a black woman in America.

In another twist of irony, it was recently revealed that the Illinois Attorney General shut down Henyard’s charity following accusations that it used taxpayer money and public workers’ services. Could it be that Lightfoot’s investigation will uncover more corruption in Henyard’s administration, or will she turn a blind eye to protect another member of the Democratic Party?

Lightfoot is not the unbiased investigator she claims to be. She has a history of covering up corruption in Chicago and will now be investigating her fellow Democrat in Dolton.

This is just another example of the Democrats protecting their own, no matter how corrupt they may be. Dolton deserves better, and it’s time for the Democrats to stop sweeping their corrupt behavior under the rug.