Biden Gives Speech At Union Station


President Biden has once again shown his true colors with his latest speech filled with blatant lies and nonsensical rambling. During a speech on the care economy at Union Station, Biden was interrupted by a heckler and responded by shouting “ASKME!” – or as the White House claims, “AFSCME!” Either way, it was a bizarre moment that left many scratching their heads.

But that wasn’t the only outlandish moment in Biden’s speech. He also claimed to have shaved one trillion dollars off the deficit during his time in office. However, even left-leaning fact-checkers have debunked this claim, revealing that the decline in the deficit was due to the pandemic, not Biden’s policies. In fact, the federal deficit is still larger than any deficit under Trump’s administration.

Biden also boasted about being a master tax cutter while simultaneously pushing for a $7 trillion tax increase on small businesses and families. This tax hike will only hurt hardworking Americans and give an advantage to our competitors like China. And with more funding for the IRS, they will have even more power to collect our hard-earned money.

Another cringe-worthy moment in Biden’s speech was when he bragged about commuting over a million miles as a senator. However, this would mean he made over 4,500 trips between his home in Delaware and D.C. – a math that just doesn’t add up. While he did log over 1.2 million miles on Air Force planes during his time as VP, the idea that he traveled that far by train is highly unlikely.

Sadly, this is just another example of Biden’s blatant disregard for the truth. Regardless of the facts, he will say whatever he thinks will make his story sound better. And with his proposed $7 trillion budget, it’s clear that his policies will only continue to hurt hardworking Americans.