Barbra Streisand Faces Backlash After Comments


After a seemingly innocent Instagram exchange between Barbra Streisand and Melissa McCarthy sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, the legendary singer and actress is setting the record straight.

It all started when McCarthy posted a photo of herself in a mint green dress, walking with her friend Adam Shankman. In the comments section, Streisand wrote, “Give Shankman my regards, did you take Ozempic?” Ozempic is a prescription medication used for weight loss, leading some to speculate that Streisand was implying that McCarthy had lost weight through the use of the drug.

The comment quickly gained attention, with some suggesting that Streisand may have thought she was sending a private message and did not realize her comment was public. Others criticized the 82-year-old for making an insensitive and potentially harmful remark about weight loss.

“Bless her, she thought she was in the DMs,” one TikToker wrote.

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Rumors began to swirl that Streisand was facing backlash for her comment, prompting her to respond on social media. In a post on X, Streisand explained that she was simply trying to pay McCarthy a compliment and had forgotten that her Instagram account is public. She also expressed surprise that her comment had garnered so much attention.

While some defended the singer, saying her comment was simply something an “80-year-old New York woman” would say, others continued to criticize her for what they saw as body-shaming behavior. Streisand’s response to the controversy is a reminder of the power and potential consequences of our words, even in seemingly small interactions on social media.