Jill Biden Held Aid Meeting After Biden Presser Says Report


A new report has revealed that First Lady Jill Biden was reportedly livid after President Joe Biden’s recent press conference left him looking confused and scattered. According to an excerpt from an upcoming book, Biden’s performance was so embarrassing that the First Lady berated her husband and his aides for allowing it to happen.

The press conference, held on January 19, 2022, was meant to address concerns about Biden’s mental fitness following a special counsel’s report on his handling of classified material. However, Biden’s explosive outbursts and struggles to remember key details only served to fuel doubts about his capabilities as a leader.

Sources say that Jill Biden was especially incensed by her husband’s two-hour-long performance and demanded to know why no one had intervened to end the press conference sooner. She reportedly expressed concern over the lack of protection for her husband’s reputation, and her reaction served as a stark reminder of her role as his “fiercest protector.”

The aftermath of the press conference has left Democrats in a state of panic, with some rushing to Biden’s defense while others privately admitting that it did serious damage to his re-election campaign. One Democrat strategist told CNN that they “slept like a baby” the night of the press conference, waking up every two hours “crying and wetting the bed.”

Even lifelong Democrats are feeling the effects of Biden’s disastrous press conference. Democratic House members reportedly called the special counsel’s assessment a “nightmare” that “weakens President Biden electorally.” They are now facing the grim reality that the only reason Biden wasn’t charged is because he is too old, leaving many to question his ability to continue leading the country.

Meanwhile, sources within the party describe the situation as a “nightmare” and “beyond devastating.” Some have even expressed concern that the events of the past week may prove to be worse than an indictment, cementing doubts and concerns that voters have about Biden’s fitness for office.

As for the First Lady, she is still parading around like everything is status quo even though everyone has seen a major decline in the President. A former Biden official even compared the idea of taking away the nomination from Biden to “taking the car keys away from your parents,” emphasizing the delicate balance between supporting the President and protecting his reputation.

Biden’s latest actions continue to only add to the mounting pressure on his administration and the Democratic Party. With doubts and concerns about his mental fitness continuing to grow, it remains to be seen how much longer they can continue to defend his actions.