Biden Give Address On Jewish American Heritage Month


It seems like every time Joe Biden speaks, we see just how unfit he is to be the President of the United States. He recently gave remarks for Jewish American Heritage Month, and it was a disaster.

First of all, it was odd that he arrived so late, well after 2 p.m. What took him so long to get there? Was he having a nap? This kind of behavior is not befitting of a leader, let alone the President.

Biden stuck with his usual tactic- his personal connection to the audience he’s speaking to. This time, he mentioned his ties to the Jewish community. He now is part of the Jewish, Puerto Rican, Irish, Greek, Persian, Palestian, Polish, Italian and Black communities. Amazing isn’t it?

It was clear that Biden was struggling with his speech. His eyes were almost closed half the time, and he was slurring and incoherent. It’s not surprising, considering his long history of gaffes and confusion. But this time, it was worse than ever.

He even made a joke, saying the Congresswoman who sponsored the event had been working on it since she was 12 years old. What kind of joke is that? It’s not appropriate to make adult women seem like children.

And then, he couldn’t even finish his sentences. He stumbled over words and couldn’t even read names off the teleprompter. Is this the person we want negotiating with foreign leaders and making important decisions for our country?

He even referred to a Menorah as a “Medorah,” showing that he doesn’t even know the basics of Jewish culture. And when he tried to talk about combatting antisemitism, he couldn’t even say the name of the person in charge of that effort.

But it’s not just his speech that is concerning. Biden’s actions towards Israel are also questionable. He claims his support for Israel is “ironclad,” but then he stops weapons sales when Israel tries to defend itself against terrorists. And when the leader of Iran dies, Biden offers condolences instead of condemning their role in supporting Hamas, a group that has killed and kidnapped Americans.

Biden even said that one of the American Hostages was there with him when, in fact, he is still being held by Hamas. This comes as Biden Continues to call for a ceasefire and tries to undermine Isarael’s effectiveness.

It’s no wonder that even his supporters in the audience weren’t clapping for him. And after his ten-minute speech, Biden gave a strange salute, shook hands with no one, and quickly left. Is this the leader we want to represent our country?

Joe Biden is not fit to be President. How can we trust him to make crucial decisions when he can’t even give a coherent speech? And how will he make it through a debate with his opponent? It’s time for Americans to seriously consider if they want this confused and incoherent man as their leader.