Former DC Official Receives Law License Suspension


The recent suspension of Rachael Rollins’ law license in Massachusetts should remind the American people that President Biden’s judgment in appointing top officials may not be as impeccable as he claims.

Rollins, a former U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, was touted by the liberal media as a rising “national leader” and praised by Democrats in Congress for her progressive approach to crime. However, she was not the champion of justice she was made out to be.

The truth about Rollins’ unethical behavior came to light after a lengthy Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation. It was revealed that Rollins had not only attended a partisan fundraiser for Biden but also provided sensitive DOJ information to the media in an attempt to sway an election in favor of a Democrat candidate. And to make matters worse, Rollins lied under oath to cover up her misconduct.

Rollins’ suspension of her law license is perhaps the most fitting punishment for her actions. It is a reminder that no one is above the law, not even those in positions of power. This should also serve as a cautionary tale for President Biden, who seems more intent on filling his administration with ideological allies rather than qualified individuals.

The Democrats’ praise for Rollins as a “national leader” and their endorsement of her nomination as U.S. Attorney should also raise red flags. Clearly, they were more concerned with pushing their partisan agenda rather than ensuring that a capable and ethical individual was appointed to the position. This is just another example of Democrats putting politics above the best interests of the American people.

It is no surprise that Rollins’ misconduct was swept under the rug by the liberal media and Democratic politicians. They refused to acknowledge the truth and instead defended her, even as the evidence against her mounted.

Fox News