Elon Musk Makes Comments About George Soros Activity


Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk made headlines during a recent appearance on the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, where he criticized liberal billionaire George Soros and discussed his purchase of Twitter, which he later renamed “X.”

Musk accused Soros of fundamentally hating humanity due to the causes he supports, including backing district attorneys who refuse to prosecute crimes. He expressed concern about the impact of these decisions on cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The tech mogul emphasized that Soros had recognized the potential influence of district attorneys in shaping policy and believed that changing how laws were enforced could be more effective than changing the laws themselves.

Musk’s decision to purchase Twitter was driven by his belief that the platform was controlled by the far-left and had a corrosive effect on society. He pointed to downtown San Francisco, near Twitter’s headquarters, as an example of the consequences, describing it as resembling a “zombie apocalypse.”

The discussion also touched on the concept of a “mind virus” and a “death cult” within extreme environmental movements that advocate for humanity’s voluntary extinction. Musk suggested that these ideologies, when taken to the extreme, could lead to the misuse of artificial intelligence to eliminate humanity.

Musk revisited his criticism of what he called discriminatory censorship on the old Twitter platform, comparing it to a state publication like “Pravda.” He asserted that under his leadership, individuals on the far left had not been banned or suspended for expressing their views.

The conversation between Musk and Rogan touched on several topics, including the role of tech companies in shaping public discourse and ideology, the influence of social media platforms, and the potential consequences of extreme ideologies.

Elon Musk’s outspoken and controversial statements have frequently made headlines, and this podcast appearance was no exception.

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