Cali House Shut Down By Cops Lists For $1.5 Million


A luxury six-bedroom home in San Jose, California, has been listed for $1.55 million, offering an enticing opportunity for potential buyers. However, this real estate gem comes with a unique twist – the property includes an “inactive meth lab and meth contamination,” a detail that adds an unconventional dimension to the market.

While some may be wary of this home’s unconventional history, the property offers more than just its intriguing past. It boasts a convenient location with easy access to the freeway, making it a suitable choice for those commuting to the bustling tech hub of Silicon Valley. Apple’s Cupertino campus is just a 20-minute drive away, and Google’s Mountain View headquarters is less than half an hour away, making it an appealing option for tech professionals.

This quiet neighborhood home is part of a good school district, making it ideal for families. The spacious backyard is a highlight, featuring orange, apple, and lemon trees. In addition to the six bedrooms, the property includes three and a half bathrooms, a swimming pool, a luxury spa, one-car garage parking, solar panels, and central air conditioning. The large patio is perfect for entertaining guests.

While the home’s unique history as an inactive meth lab is noteworthy, it’s crucial to be aware that the meth contamination remains uncleared. The listing on property website Redfin clearly states, “Home has inactive Meth lab and meth contamination.” Additionally, the price of the property was increased by $125,000 on October 21, according to a Zillow listing.

The home’s previous owner, Peter Karasev, was arrested in March on suspicion of attacking electricity transformers in the area. The investigation into his activities began when officers responded to a report of an exploded transformer in January. Subsequent surveillance footage showed Karasev placing a backpack with an “ignition source” near the transformer box, leading to an explosion.

In addition to the meth lab history, police found a cache of weapons and explosive devices at Karasev’s residence, where he lived with his wife and three young children. These discoveries led to Karasev facing multiple charges, including possession of a destructive device, igniting a destructive device, and child endangerment.

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