Dems Lose It All In NC, Lawmaker Turns The Tables


In a move that could solidify Republican control of North Carolinas legislature, Democratic lawmaker Tricia Cotham is expected to announce her switch to the GOP on Wednesday.

The move would give the Republicans a vetoproof majority in the middle of the legislative session, allowing them to pass laws without interference from Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

The Republican party is currently just one seat short of a supermajority in the legislature, and Cothams switch could be the key to unlocking their agenda. This includes legislation restricting abortion, changes to election laws and education reform.

The GOP has held majorities in both the state House and the Senate for more than a decade, but Coopers veto has kept their power in check. With a supermajority, Republicans would effectively be able to pass laws without compromise.

It is not clear what has prompted Cotham to switch parties, but it could be related to a vote she recently skipped to override Coopers veto of Republicansponsored legislation relaxing some gun laws. Her decision handed Republicans the votes they needed to pass the bill into law, resulting in a wave of criticism from Democrats.

The potential for Cotham to switch to the Republican party has been discussed for some time, but it seems to be becoming more likely. The move would be a major boon to Republicans, giving them the power to fully realize their agenda, despite the efforts of Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

To sum it up, Tricia Cotham, a Democratic lawmaker from North Carolina, is expected to switch her party affiliation to the Republican party, giving them a vetoproof majority in the state legislature. This would give them the power to pass their agenda without compromising with Governor Roy Cooper. The reason for her switch is not yet known, although it may have been sparked by criticism of her skipping a vote to override Cooper‘s veto of gun law legislation.