Media Member Incites Trump Supporter At Court House – Watch


On Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (RGA) joined a rally in New York City to protest the indictment of former President Donald Trump. Greene, along with Rep. George Santos (RNY) and other supporters, made their stand outside the barricaded courthouse, where Trump was to appear for his arraignment.

The two Republican congresswomen spoke to the crowd of Trump supporters, condemning the charges brought against the former president. Greene called the indictmentthe persecution of an innocent man, while Santos argued that the chargesare a bad day for democracy.

The crowd of supporters was met with a warning from New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who called out Greene by name and asked protesters tobe on their best behavior. Greene responded to the mayors comments during the rally, saying,As you can see, I am here peacefully protesting.

The rally turned physical when a Trump supporter ran across an antiTrump flag and fell to the ground. Trump himself weighed in on the situation with a statement on his Truth Social page, calling the venuevery unfair and suggesting the trial be moved to nearby Staten Island.

The indictment of Trump is a troubling reminder of the Democrats’ power to target political rivals. By bringing criminal charges against a former president, Democrats have shown their willingness to use the legal system to their advantage. Republicans worry that this indictment sets a dangerous precedent for future presidents, as Democrats may use the legal system to target those they disagree with politically.

At the rally, Greene and Santos joined a crowd of supporters who are passionate about defending Trump’s innocence. They believe that the former president is the victim of a partisan witch-hunt, and that the charges against him are without merit. The Republican congresswomen have vowed to continue their fight to ensure that Trump gets a fair trial.