Biden Answers Questions About Hostages & Ceasefire


President Joe Biden spoke on Monday about how great Bidenomics is and, as he was leaving, answered a couple of questions from the press.

A reporter yelled, “Is the U.S. supporting the hostages-for-a-ceasefire deal?”

“We should get the — we should have a ceasefire — not a ceasefire, we should have those hostages released, and then we can talk,” Biden said.

The reporter asked if he had “any comment on the new hostages that were just released?”

Biden mumbled and walked off the stage.

The Times of Israel reported:

US President Joe Biden says any discussions about a Gaza ceasefire can only take place if Hamas frees all hostages seized from Israel in its October 7 attack.

“We should have those hostages released and then we can talk,” Biden says at a White House event, when asked if he would support a “hostages-for-ceasefire” deal.

The comment indicates that the US may not support Israel’s goal of eliminating Hamas, should the 220 people kidnapped by the group be released.

Just a couple of weeks before Biden made the above statement, he said that Israel had a “right” and a “duty” to fight Hamas.

Now there are a lot of politics at play over what Biden said. The President could be bluffing to help get more hostages released. The last thing anyone wants to see is the slaying of hostages streamed on the internet. Not only that, whatever happens, Biden will be held responsible for the American hostages.

Just ask Jimmy Carter what a hostage crisis did to his administration.

They have a fracture in the party to add even more issues for the White House. A portion of their party does not like Biden’s decision to back Israel fully, and it’s prompting the White House to put out statements that sound like doublespeak.

Not long ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “It’s only the beginning. Our enemies have only just begun to pay the price. I won’t detail what will come next. But I’m telling you, it’s only the beginning.”

“We will destroy Hamas, and we will win.”

The IDF is also chomping at the bit, according to the Times of Israel:

IDF commanders are reportedly champing at the bit, leaking to journalists that a ground invasion has to begin soon.

And the Israeli people wouldn’t accept anything less after the savagery they witnessed on October 7 and the trauma it has produced, given the political and military leadership’s failure to protect civilians in their homes.

Then, on the other hand, Macron wants to put together an international coalition against Hamas and get the hostages out.

Lastly, there’s this, and it has the administration’s attention.

What happens next is anyone’s guess and there’s a lot of mix messaging going on. Hopefully, Hamas will turn over the hostages and those involved in the terrorist attack so everyone can go home. But I can wish for a million dollars to appear out of thin air but it doesn’t mean I’m going to get it.